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New for 2014

                           What is happening in 2014

I will be doing a seminar at the Fred Hall Long Beach Show from March 5th thru the 9th each day of the show on photography.

I will cover amongst other things -
  1. The Changing World of Photography
  2. Wildlife and Action Photography
  3. Lens and Camera selection - What you Want and What is Practicle
  4. A little about Copyrights and Photography
  5. My Guiding of photography adventures in the Yellowstone.
and much, much more. See for the show schedule and times of the seminar.  
North American Black Bear on rock outcrop

Bull Elk bugeling amongst the trees With the sucess of my assocoiation with Sunrise Pack Station I will again be guiding photography adventures in the back country of Yellowstone. While on the trip  I will also be providing guidance and instruction on equipment and technique for the novice and help the advanced photographer get the most from the opportunities that present themselves during the trip.

Dates and locations of the trips are listed below, please contact me for more information and to reserve your spot on one of the trips.

In conjunction with Sunrise Pack Station you will be taken on horseback into a part of the Yellowstone 99% of people do not get to experience, away from all the roads, the crowds and the hustle and bustle. The workshops are all inclusive for 4 to 8 people for 5 days  all your meals, your tent, your sleeping bag, as well as a Sun Shower and portable restroom facilities are provided, all you need to bring is your camera gear, your clothes and your desire to get that shot of a lifetime.

2014  Photography  Workshops

Wildflowers and Critters

July15-19, 2014
A five-day photography oriented trip, by horseback, to Sportsman’s Lake in Yellowstone National Park.

Here the moose, elk and wolves have been known to frequent the area as well as the occasional grizzly. The wild flowers, the sparkling creek and majestic forest all present the perfect subject matter for capturing that perfect backcountry photograph

Guests have an opportunity to photograph the mountain lake, choose to focus on the mighty Electric Peak, watch for wildlife, macro photograph the flowers, or do a black and white study of the ranger cabin and outbuildings. (There is a great old outhouse dying to be immortalized on film or digital.)

Wildlife is always plentiful in this area. Sportsman’s Lake is often home to moose which come out in the early morning or late evening to feed around the lake. 
Wolves, bears, mule deer and elk are seen in this area as well. The newborns are out and being introduced to the world, all just waiting for you to immortalize them both in your memories and in the images you can capture. 

Yellowstone National Park's Northwest Corner.
$2450.00 per person

201 N Back TILE


Mountain Bumble Bee gathering nectar

Fall Grizzly
Bull Elk crossing a river with fall colors in the foliage

Waterfalls and Critters:

Sept. 9-13, 2014

The Bechler region is called the Cascade Corner. Waterfalls drop from the plateaus into the meadows. The canyon is spectacular, one water fall after another broken in between by cascades and cataracts.

Bechler is a photographer’s paradise. There is nowhere one can look without finding something worth capturing on film. Wild flowers, wild life, waterfalls, horse and people, hot springs or the Grand Tetons, all are right here.

Come to Yellowstone National Park’s Cascade Corner and photograph the magnificent waterfalls. This time of year is spectacular in Yellowstone National Park. The brilliant colors of autumn, the bright blue skies and crisp white clouds create the perfect back drop for photography here in America’s wonderland.

 Yellowstone's Cascade Corner near the Bechler River Region.
$2450.00 per person

201 S Front

Bull Elk in Velvet
July 2013

Colonnade Falls

From September 2013

Heading home in the snow

Client checking the image

Rocky Mountain Bighhorn looking like he is going to charge

Dunanda Falls

From September 2013

Client taking photo

From September 2013

Yellow Pine Chipmunk

Ruffed Grouse

Scroll on down for some of my Firefighting photography 

Other Doings

In case you were not aware of it I do photography of wildland fires for the State of California's Department of Forestry and Fire Protection also known as Cal-Fire, as a volunteer. I have been doing this now for 5 years and this looks to be another busy year.  Last year I was on over 14 fires with a total burned acreage exceeding 32,712.  This year I will be posting images from the fire I am working on here, as well as a little about the fire and the guys and gals working to protect property and save lives.

Please accept my apologies for the rather obvious watermarks placed across my images, there has be a law written in Britain that will begin to affect all copyrights worldwide.  It pertains to "Orphan Works", suffice it to say that it would take up to much space here but it means that if the identification information contained within the photograph is stripped out and an owner is not readily identifiable anyone can use mine or anyone's photographs without permission.  Our congress is at this time debating something similar.

The General Fire 26 May 2013
While the Felipe Fire was winding down this fire got
it began because someone was shooting in
a restricted area.   In the last 2 years I have photographed
5 fires in this area, 3 major and 2 minor.  You will see mainly
helicopters in this group of images, the winds were
so strong that fixed wing air ops were suspended within the first
couple of hours of the fire on the first day and it was up to the
hand crews and helos to try and keep it in check.

San Diego Sheriff copter 10 arriving with helitac crew
While on the Felipe Fire right across the valley the General Fire began and copter 10
and crew are dispatched.  What you see burning in the background is the General Fire and
smoke from it.

Firefighters in foreground fire burning uphill in background
Firefighters from the helitack crew and USFS looking across the
 gap and what lies ahead.  General Fire

Cal-Fire helo 301 and USFS firefighter
A USFS firefighter keeps an eye on the drop from Cal-Fire helo 301,
 we are headed  that way and down another 1000 to 1500 yards
before we get to the bottom and we start back up the other side.

Bringing in hose
Bringing in hose, one group would work to establish the initial
hose lay to then be relieved by another group coming up with
more hose, and the first group would then return to the
 trucks to get more hose and return again in a round robin
 fashion.  At this point this stretch was 21/2 miles one way,
no wonder he looks beat.  General Fire.

P2V number 5 dropping retardant
P2V Neptune #5 of the USFS dropping retardant on division Papa of the Felipe fire when it made a run towards Volcan Mountain.

Close up P2V number 7
A close up of the old and venerable P2V Neptune #7 as she comes by lining up for a drop.  Felipe Fire

Wildcat Fire 13 May 2013
fire started as a result of shooting at a range on the Barona Indian Reservation.  Units from the Barona Indian Reservation, U. S. Forest Service, Cal-Fire, Santee and Lakeside quickly controlled and extinguished this blaze before it had a chance to grow beyond about 25 acres.
 Cal-Fire S2T dropping retardant
A Cal-Fire S2T Viking aircraft drops retardant to help control the
spread of the fire while two firefighters look on.  Wildcat Fire

San Diego County Sheriff Copter dropping water on hotspot.
San Diego County Sheriff copter 12 dropping water on a stubborn hot spot
 as firefighters look on.   Wildcat Fire

Copter 10 passing overhead with two firefighters
Copter 10 passing overhead on it's way to a drop with firefighters
working  their  way to the fire at the top of the ridge.  General Fire

Helicopter crew with copter 12 above heading for a drop in support
Helitack crew and San Diego Sheriff copter 12 above working
on the left flank.  General Fire

San Diego Sheriff copter 12 spoter pointing out the window at a hotspot
Look very closely at this image and you will see the spotter pointing out the window
to a hot spot that was developing off of our flank.  Gotta love these guys.  General Fire

Shaw's Agave in bloom survives fire
Beauty will find away to survive through even one of Nature's most
destructive forces.  A Shaw's Agave in bloom, a native San Diego plant
directly after the fire has passed.  General Fire


Felipe Fire 24 May 2013

When life gives you lemons........ Make lemonade, what
started as a  controlled burn got out of hand when a
wind shift that was completely out of the norm for
 the area the time of day and season took the fire out
of the prescribed burn area and out of the established
containment line.  So the fire agency decided
to make the best out of a bad situation and turned it into a
Live Fire training exercise 2,781 acres later it was out.

Mother Nature can humble even the best.

Orance County Strike team and Skycrane
Orange County Strike team stationed during the Felipe Fire
with a Skycrane coming overhead.

USFS Firefighter using hose on fire
A U.S. Forest Firefighter on Initial Attack works to establish a
 hose line and control the fire.   Wildcat Fire

San Diego Sheriff Copter dropping water
San Diego Sheriff copter 12 low and close on a drop.  Wildcat Fire

More hose for division Alpha
More hose on Initial Attack for Division Alpha.  Wildcat Fire
Highway 2 Fire

The Highway 2 fire was a 22 acre blaze sparked by a lawnmower mowing extremely dry grass.  Both Cal-Fire and Firefighters from the U.S. Forest Service Goose Valley Station responded from another small, (less than 1 acre),  lawnmower sparked fire approximately 4 1/2 miles away.  Everyone got on the fire quickly and that kept it from spreading further in the 20 mph winds.  This was the same day that the Ventura fire started and grew from 10 acres to 7,000 acres in less than 8 hours.
These guys really took it to the blaze getting it under control in less than an hour and keeping it from spreading rapidly.  With multiple drops from Cal-Fires S2T air attack bombers, all that worked on this fire can be really proud of how fast they got control of what could have been a potentially  devastating fire.  The 2007 Witch fire started very near to this area, but this was in brush that had not burned back then.

Here are 4 images from the fire

Cal-Fire S2T dropping retardant with US Forest Service

US Forest Service Firefighter attacking flames

US Forest Service Firefighter attacking flame

US Forest Service Firefighter working hard

Images from the 2012 Fire Season

           Firefighting helicopter dropping water Banner Fire April 2012
Firefighting aircraft dropping retardant    Banner Fire April 2012    

Chihuahua Fire August 2012
Fire fighters fighting a wildland fire
Chihuahua Fire August 2012
Fire fighters fighting fire with a hose

Valliectos Lightening Complex August 2012Fire fighters with a wall of fire in background Valliectos Lightening Complex August 2012Fire fighters with a wall of flame behind them

Wynola Fire September 2012
Skycrane helicopter dropping water directly overhead  

Wynola Fire September 2012Sheriff Helicopter dropping water on tree top

See You on down the Trail

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